I currently play the TiSi Tec 7deg stiff… a mid-size cc head that I avg. Somehow Ouisthuizen found his Rapture to be acceptable enough to win the British Open. The looks of the G series at address never appealed to me. I have never seen one of these length comparisons where the swingweights were the same at both lengths. But not really that much. I remain loyal to Ping for many of the obvious reasons, Made in the USA, innovative company that gives back in many ways to the game and very professional and helpful staff. Tony Covey 9 months ago.

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My biggest problem is my driving. Anyone here switch from the mmygolfspy to the i20? I believe it was a joke based on Callaway claiming jailbreak creates the fastest ball speeds while Ping actually produced the fastest in this test. If my memory serves me correctly, this info was gleaned many years ago from an old newsletter from Ralph Maltby, owner of Golfworks, which not only sells components but also has taught club repair and even done repairs for such luminaries as Jack Nicklaus in the past.

This serves to confirm something I stumbled onto several years ago. Do you know if Golfspy is planning on doing a review on the Wilson Staff Di11 irons? It will say assembled in the USA, head manufactured in China.


PING G30 Irons – Longer and More Forgiving

I agree with Mbrad. I called my club pro, the ping rep, and ping cust service and to no avail. I am a former Junior golfer who has come back to the game at 31yo, I needed a set of basic mugolfspy to get started again, I mygolfsspy to my local pro shop and was looking at some Wilson off the rack sets.

I agree that club legnth accuracy, should improve my driving accuracy, so the test information you provided is a no-brainer. PS — my wife has switched over to a full set of Pings from another major brand and loves them.

Corey 8 months ago. Yes, I put some lead tape on the bottom of the head to get a better feel. I can work it…. MrPete 7 years ago. Good luck on getting the handicap down. I personally believe that in any order, they represent the best fairway woods that has to offer.

I would say pull the trigger mygolfpy the G Full details of our testing and scoring procedures can be found here. Nice looking, but Mhgolfspy agree, looks just like a steroid version of the G Getting back in the game.


As I mentioned, one tester was a bit put off by the size, but for the most part nobody else had much to say about it. KFlare 7 years ago. Oherwise I like the additional one third flex that comes with soft stepping. Well here is the first look at the much anticipated Ping G Ricardo del Castillo 8 years ago.

RexS Member Joined: The mgr says he will sell me anything I want, but if I want to improve I need to be smart and watch the swing and be open minded about the brand of clubs. I hit the G20 and liked it. I wonder if the G5 is old enough that the paint can be blue?


Kevin Godbey 6 years ago. I am a 14 handicap and like the look of a more traditional club.

I did not miss a fairway…. Sign in Already have an account?