Representative APR variable A project was created that was a combination of many video footage files, resizing and rasterizing effects, text animations and multiple layer effects. Anyone who is in graphic design needs room especially in a program like Adobe After Effects. Watch list is full. Softimage performs its best on a dual processor system and by far the recommendation for heavy 3D rendering is a dual processor system. Take a look at our Returning an item help page for more details. When Parhelia was released, its DirectX 9-class vertex shaders were ahead of the game, but today 2.

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Matrox Millennium P650 & P750 Video Card Review

Matrox’s web site also provides links to a number of third-party drivers for alternative operating systems. Graphics Previous page Next page. Mold, Nr Chester, United Kingdom. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout.

In bit GigaColor mode, Matrox scales back alpha channel precision from eight to two bits. There was a problem.

The working document can be open in one monitor while research is carried on in the other.

Matrox Graphics – Products – Legacy Products – P-Series – P

These issues have been previously addressed in this article. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Office productivity benefits as well.

Glyph Antialiasing is gamma corrected, and users can even set their own gamma preference levels for text. Thus far, Matrox has released a GigaColor viewer for Photoshop, but I’m not aware of any other applications that support the technology. The P has two pixel pipes, two pixel shaders, and two vertex shaders. Adobe After Effects 5.


It is a vicious cycle when the latest video card is barely on the store shelf before its successor is announced. Refresh rates single display mode.

Support for customizable unattended installation for rapid multi-system setup.

Description Postage and payments. Imagine a program like Dreamweaver open in one monitor and the other monitor can display thumbnails of the images being inserted into the site.

Matrox’s Millennium P graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 1

However, the prospect of getting Parhelia’s features at a more reasonable price should be quite tempting for businesses and multimonitor enthusiasts. Now imagine adding any amount of the other two primary colors of blue and green to further increase the precision in matching. The card had impeccable video signal quality, and was ideal for multimonitor configurations. Triple head display may not be for all but someone who is, for example, a magrox analyst or stockbroker will love three screens of data in one PC.

Matrox also supplies a number of “certified” drivers for various CAD and 3D applications, but the P has certified drivers for significantly fewer applications than Parhelia.

Matrox Millennium P750 – graphics card – Parhelia-LX – 64 MB

We asked Matrox and this is what they had to say. Matrox chose their own route and broke new ground being one of the first to support dual DVI monitors with the G series.


Parhelia’s certified driver support advantage isn’t just because the P is new. Dual matroox are the mainstay of the graphic and video world. The amount of RAM is not as great an issue as the user is working frame by frame and the graphics card is doing the bulk of the work while working within the GUI.

Click matrxo the payment link and follow instructions. For other possible operating systems, contact Matrox. The lure of the double desktop is strong. All broadcast non-linear systems have a third party card to input and output video and provide the needed horsepower to play back video.

Clock for clock, the Millennium P should be roughly half as fast as Parhelia, whose core and memory clock speeds are MHz and MHz, respectively. The P and P represent the middle ground. In total, Parhelia has four pixel pipelines, four pixel shaders, and four vertex mattox.