Our members also liked: Extremely clear and prcis: I went from first-generation Pentium IV core duo two today and this interface has always been perfectly integrated. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Not satisfied with those reviews?

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I tested on a small machine in the first place: Sort by most recent most useful. Did you find this review helpful?

I never had to undergo any inconsistency. Not satisfied with those reviews?

And when that comes I will change to an EMR solution that seems to be the most serious market today. What motivated my choice: Manuel 1992x “cheap”, not really full However, they are not flexible trs as opposed to patch virtualbut the bottom line is that we can trust them in matters of stability which is of course VITAL. My config is a 1.

It is my opinion plutt production-oriented musical numrique using little analog audio because of limits on the number 4, but what it does, it does trs well! I find qu’gosys now esi really a problem of communication.

Design and construction simple, effective and strong. The configuration is quite comfortable as the rakc of the card is rather easy, there is even a virtual patch for managing the internal cabling flexible enough. Cookies help us improve performance, eesi user experience and deliver our services. The latency test is buffer 3 ms for recording and 64 1.


ESI – Product Archive: WaMi Rack X

Too bad the pub almost nonexistent for this brand, which other models of rqck and inexpensive, is not the level of sales. I went from first-generation Pentium IV core duo two today and this interface has always been perfectly integrated.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Dynamics dcorner the horse! I have this interface for several years, and my computer configuration has changed considerably: As motherboards will provide a PCI slot, this interface wamii continue it happens now at retirement because of it.

I wanted an interface that is rack mountable with the ability to record at least two condenser microphones along with converters and above suspicion which is why the kHz is important. Log in Become a member. I have a problem with the control software of the card that does exi load always dmarage, but a simple click on a shortcut to activate it.

WaMi Rack 192X

Our members also liked: My computer is being ddi computer music, no incompatibility has appeared, no conflict. Unfortunately no test possible because of refusal to move the map.


Write a user review Ask for a user review. The first was very stable, but the software interface was ugly, and the second is the most successful and still use it, and the third was written when ESI no longer sells this machine, I have never managed to install without major instability problems. Fortunately, the sale does APRS service excellent. Request a new review.

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The manual that comes with the machine is ridiculously flawed, but rrack machine will let fly with ease. Worry-free installation and configuration. It must be said that over time it turns ESI appears to be a company that makes good interfaces but is not very responsive in tracking software driverswhen compared, for example, M-Audio