Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have the same problem. VLC now captures audio and video. Post if it works for you. Did you ever get a solution for Windows 8? Send it back to eBay. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell more without knowing more details on the problem system logs, etc.

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Initially worked and editing was good. The time now is Yes, this what I ended up doing too — a twin RCA to 3. My computer crashed twice and the acpture files on Arcsoft disappeared.

USB Video Capture Controller for Windows 7 (bit) – Microsoft Community

In my unqualified opinion, if it works to convert my precious VHS then its worth spreading the news. I got a EasyCap. Everything I did to solve the situation is listed on the link below. I tried all the drivers on your website but nothing works. Thanks for this where can one conhroller the Serial number?


I ordered EasyCap, but it does not work on windows I believe I used it with Win VDGRer bought from Jago, registers as: I use Windows 8. Thank You so much. Aconteceu o mesmo quando comprei. Thanks a lot, anyway!

Perhaps an older version of Windows 10 may work until Microsoft pushes it to update. After reading many threads, I came across that mentioned this link as being good for that ID for Windows I change with a new one and now I started to convert my video again perfectly.

Windows tried to install a driver, and claimed it succeeded. Computer powers off in sleep mode Can you please indicate which driver would be the correct one to install on Windows 8. Thank you so much for the post, the driver EasyCap-W7-Wx64 work fine for my easy capture.

[SOLVED] USB 2.0 Video Capture Controller

I need drivers for Windows 8. Getting same problem, and can’t fix it: Get your self a top of the line vido cable and you are good to go.

Driver details should be: Non of them detecting this device. Right clicking on my device in Device Manager, and selecting Properties, then the Details tab, then click the Properties item at top, and selecting Device instance path, my device shows: I think i have the same issue.


I went online cpture found your downloads and found the whole CD download. Just follow Zalyuts instruction!

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 | Visser I/O

I have the Easycap plugged in, how do I get Encoder to recognise or display it? Sound is good but picture is shaky, distorted and fluctuates between color and black and white.

It is asking me for my product key. I would like your help, if you can.