Hello Guys, Here is another problem that I need to solve. Products are built to excellent standard in collaboration with its technology partners. This family of laptops is plauged with some serious design defects, That being said it was still a vast improvement over the DP that preceded it. Better Business Bureau Rating: CC grade complaints to date, resolved. Definitely a company that stands behind their products… I should know since I have done business with them. When Clevo ships out their notebooks, they are all in barebones form.

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However before installing these disks I have reviewed the documentation for installing the OS. This reseller has had a great following in both their products and the quality of their services. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Setting up a RAID on a Clevo D900T laptop

I have a Clevo DT laptop. Definitely an option for those that have deep pockets to get their dream machine in all of its glory. The best place purchase a Clevo notebook is more subjective than we like. Hypersonic offers customers more than just high-end computer systems. Intel GMA up to mb shared. You should not expect that they will run modern games and applications well.


They also sell barebones as well as fully configured notebooks. We offer them quality, craftsmanship, world-class support and personal attention, and it is these elements that have resulted in numerous industry awards and recognition.


Their customers are quick to discover that they care for quality in their products as well as giving the best prices possible. So in respect of your response – for which I am grateful They priorities start with honesty, personal service, and respect. I envy your collection, I hope they go for a ssta home!

Sorry, no commercial sellers allowed here without asking Bill. The transaction went smoothly and the item has been shipped. That being said their are a few things that can be done to make them perform their best while running applications and games of the era.

Thank you for your continued interest. All cooling parts mount properly and work brilliantly, making this an “indefinitely reliable” DT, meaning you can use it every day and it will work brilliantly.

Another thing about the rating systems is ssta, we, as a computer consumer should voice our opinions and complaints because, as you can see, some of the ratings are a bit skewed since there are only a few reviews for a certain company and many on another.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. International Shipping email or call for details. Laptop Choice — not available yet. I like to see the DT in the mobile computing world as the Thinkpadder sees the A31, it’s an d900t heavily equipped laptop with brilliant hardware and capabilities. Trying my hardest to collect Thinkpads, but college and being broke kinda gets in the way. When Clevo ships out their notebooks, they are all in barebones form.


The laptop was also one of the first to have a standardized separable video card module. This laptop has 4 fans, and 4 speakers developed by SRS WOW surround sound, and it’s probably the best sound system I’ve ever heard from a mobile machine.

More Expensive than Average unless if you contact them to bargain. It is usually clvo to have the highest-end computer products because of their customizations to all of their systems… such as the trademark Alien head and polished paint jobs. Rock Direct — has maintained the highest standards in notebook services for more than 14 years, and they continue to clev a leader in the field. In fact, they exclusive sell Clevo models only.

It shows signs of very little or almost no use, on the outside it shows considerable scuffing especially on the back No, create an account now. The laptop also has a feature that allows you to play CDs from the DVD drives even when the machine is powered off, by pressing a power button on the “DJ deck” at the front panel, and it runs a sort of CD player that can run off the battery.