The trackpad is also superior to what you’ll find on most other tablet keyboards. That’s not bad for a tablet with an x86 processor inside, but we’ve also seen Atom-based slates that last longer than this. Dual-speakers With SonicMaster Audio Technology With the most precise processing protocols and codecs, dual-speakers provide an unforgettable audio experience. You can always use the microSD card slot for additional storage. The bottom line on these accessories? We’d also hope that ASUS squeezes out a little more runtime on the next-gen model, especially since the keyboard doesn’t have a built-in battery of its own.

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That’s not strictly true. Look and feel The VivoTab Smart might be one of the most inexpensive Windows 8 tablets on the market, but it also bluetoooth to be one of the best-made. Brian Westover is an Analyst for the Hardware Team, reviewing laptops, desktops, and storage devices.

Take a look at that shot of the lamp with the see-through stand; we half-expected the tablet to home in on the background instead. What you get instead is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard — a thin little thing that you can easily shove bluetolth a carry-on.

ASUS VivoTab Smart review: a good, inexpensive Windows 8 tablet

As for the photos themselves, most colors look pleasant, though there was an instance or two when whatever it is we were assus to shoot came out much darker than in real life take a look at that surreal navy sky in our sample gallery — that was a daytime shot!

Yes, that thin TranSleeve cover snaps on in a manner similar to a Asjs Coverbut there are no keys attached there.


TranSleeve What’s nice is that once you fold the cover up, magnets keep the makeshift dock in place so that it doesn’t flop around. All in all, it’s vivotabb not as premium-looking as ASUS’ metal-clad Infinity tabletbut that doesn’t mean we like it any less. But that’s only part of the story: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT.

Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet – Specs, Review, Impressions

Get Our Best Stories! Windows 8 Fresh Paint The ultimate canvas for big ideas.

All told, it stands up quite well to scratches and fingerprints and generally works as promised, at least as far as protecting the tablet viotab. We guess they’re a result of the unibody design used and the desire to create a flush shape that’s tactile.

Asus VivoTab Smart MEC Review & Rating |

We certainly prefer Asus’s approach to that of some other manufacturers that include flimsy port covers. It wasn’t available for our review unit, but we has a short look at it during CES and can say that it was a convenient solution.

But even if you struggle the first time, you’re not likely to make the same mistake again. For network connectivity, the VivoTab Smart has The 5-point multi-touch display isn’t Full HD, but it’s xso it’s hardly low res. Even with that island-style arrangement, there aren’t many undersized buttons here — the Enter, Shift, Backspace and Caps Lock keys are all full-sized, and easy to hit without looking away from the screen. We noticed in our testing that one side of the dock often held more tightly than the other.

We would, however, recommend a case for the device. The Best Laptops for Asus does bolster that small storage capacity with an additional 32GB of Asus Webstorage, free for 36 months, which can be used as either a cloud backup for your data or secondary storage, effectively doubling the storage available during use. When used with headphones, however, the volume is fine, and the sound quality is good, if not fantastic. There’s also a good level of contrast while the viewing angle is also decent, although it’s not a display two of you would want to watch a movie on.


These caveats aside, the VivoTab Smart is a great buy, and it’s your best bet if you want the full Windows 8 experience on the cheap.

Asus VivoTab Smart Tablet Windows 8 Tablet With Bluetooth Keyboard: Specs & Impressions

The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video. This lightweight construction made using the keyboard a nerve wracking experience, since it felt so fragile that I might damage it with anything but slow, gentle keystrokes. That 64GB of storage is cut down to The 50 Best smartt Games. Folks who want pen input are better off splurging on the ThinkPad, as that’s one feature you’re not going to get here.

For now, suffice to say that if you’re using the tablet on your couch, its display specifications should be more than adequate for streaming a little Netflix. Every and we mean every model we’ve tested has the same Intel Atom Z processor, clocked at 1. Include photo and video captures, or even audio notes.