Loudspeakers The two loudspeakers are located left and right below the front edge. Longevity and reliability — were important aspects for Asus when designing the B53J. And although the palm resting area and keyboard are made of matte plastic, they nevertheless feel pleasant. For less demanding background music it is however sufficient. Although the display lid is relatively thick, it does give way when applying pressure with the finger, but this doesn’t have any effect on the displayed images. The matte display prevents disturbing reflections, and is therefore not only easy on the eyes, but also well suited for use as a work display – which should be expected from business notebooks though.

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During our internet browsing the battery was empty after three and a quarter hours with the same brightness level but activated energy saving profile.

When using the B53J with little utilization, for instance when working with office programs or surfing the internet, the B53J is relatively quiet with a maximum system noise of The horizontal lines on its brushed aluminum surface emphasize its width, while touchpad buttons are soft to the touch and deliver a responsive feel. The case is partially made of scratch-resistant aluminium surfaces with excellent haptics. While it is possible to work without problems in the shade, one would prefer to have a bit more brightness when working under direct sunlight.

In order to satisfy the demanding requirements of a work device, the surface is of course non-reflecting. Although we endeavor to present the most b53k and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

It reduces maintenance costs through remote configuration, diagnosis, isolation and repair. ASUS Scene Switch lets users easily switch wallpapers, mute settings, output asjs, hide desktop icons and disable screensavers through a single hotkey—ensuring that they are presentation-ready at a touch.


The results established axus tests with HDTune didn’t provide anything especially conspicuous. The absence of any noticeably conspicuous variation in the cooling system noise fluctuations also helps improve the general noise perception. Products may not be available in all markets.

Asus B53J-SOx – External Reviews

The integrated graphics processor is used when performing basic tasks like surfing the net or email, with the GPU being utilized when the user plays videos or runs graphic-intensive applications like photo-editing tools.

Thanks to the matte surface reflections at least don’t get too disturbing when using the notebook outdoors. N53j the help of the Eyefinity Technology from ATI two of these display outputs are usable simultaneously.

To make it easier to connect the B53J into a stationary working environment, a docking station can be connected to the docking port on the bottom of the B53J.

In addition the tension force from the hinges is not enough to hold the lid closed completely, when holding qsus B53J upside down on the base unit.

Review Asus B53J Notebook

And although the palm resting area and keyboard are made of matte plastic, they nevertheless feel pleasant. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

The maximum volume is rather low, but should be sufficient for small rooms. Here the B53J of course surpasses laptops with a GMA HD graphics chipsuch as the Toshiba Tecra A already pointed out above, which still had a slight advantage when assessing the application performance. Both of these adhere to the standard layoutalthough the key grouping does not provide an especially good oversight.

With the ATI Eyefinity Technology it should be possible to easily use several displays at the same time for working, and hence also increase the size of the desktop appropriately. Next to the key for operating the touchpad, there are two further hotkeys; one of which is the already familiar ExpressGate button, with which it is possible to boot the notebook into the Instant-On operating system when it is switched off.


The user must do this manually by selecting the right mouse button on the desktop, and selecting ‘Switchable Graphics Configuration’.

The Trusted Business Solution

When transporting the notebook it is therefore recommended to take precautions to prevent items getting in the space between the keyboard and the display. The touchpad surface itself is pleasingly sized, with a width of 80 millimeters and a height of saus millimeters, and has matte smooth covering with little traction.

Additionally there is also a pre-installed Instant-On operating system called ExpressGate. The values for scenarios with a high load are those recorded for the HD For less demanding background music it is however sufficient. Similarly opening the display lid with a single hand is easy to do.

Product specifications may differ from country to country. The status LED for the caps lock key is located directly next v53j it, the axus for the NUM-lock key in contrast is located on the front edge of the notebook. With respect to the viewing angle stability xsus, the B53J does not distinguish itself from the mass of laptop competitors. This dual-core processor supports the Hyperthreading technology, and can thus process four threads simultaneously.

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